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Educational Services
Our Mission is to provide a highly structured, supportive and safe learning environment where students, boys and girls, K-12, with unique or special education needs can benefit from education and experience positive growth and success.  
Assessment is an integral component relating to each student’s program plan and progress. We provide assessment information and teacher evaluations throughout the student’s placement.

Students participate in individualized academic instruction designed to meet their needs and abilities in the following areas:

Supplementary Instruction:

Through ongoing collaboration we can provide appropriate educational opportunities and services for students.
Collaboration involves:

PLATO Learning Environment
      In addition to standard education practices, we incorporate PLATO Learning Environment for students that can benefit from the program.  PLATO is an online/computer teaching tool that is backed by research and has proven results. PLATO Learning products cover a broad range of teaching and learning needs—from intervention and credit recovery and innovative and teacher-facilitated solutions for traditional classroom instruction to trend-forward distance learning options. Please contact us for further information or visit the PLATO Learning website.

Please contact us for further information. 
Crossroads/Viking Academy
107 Vernon St.
Decorah, IA 52101
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Mary Beth Specht - Program Director



Viking Academy offers an alternative to the traditional high school course presentation through an on-line program entitled PLATO Learning Environment (PLE- Online: Plato Learning Environment PLATO Courses allow students to learn online while ”being challenged by a rigorous, standards-driven curriculum”. Viking Academy is located within the Crossroads Academy premises, and the classroom is located in the academy’s computer lab.Students can select courses and study at a pace comfortable for their learning style and life style. Instruction is in an independent environment, with minimal supervision. One and two semester courses include pre- tests to target learning needs and allow students to test out of learned skills and to complete course requirements at a faster pace. Viking /Crossroads Academy Staff and Decorah High School staff are available for support, consultation, and motivation.

Enrollment Criteria:

Viking Academy is a multi-purpose educational program designed to meet the unique needs of students. Students considered a junior or senior
and fit the profile of a learner needing an alternative school environment, may enroll in classes to fulfill their graduation requirements.Students in Grades 9-12, who have not completed a course necessary for graduation, may enroll in the program for credit recovery. Additionally, students who would benefit from curricular challenges may enroll in advanced placement or above grade level courses. Students must have their school administrator’s approval to enroll. The student’s school guidance counselor will provide a transcript and outline of coursework required for graduation, if applicable. Students must earn a C- or better to receive credit for each course. Viking Academy staff will communicate the student’s progress at mid-term and at the end of each 12 week period to the student’s school, the student, and parents/guardians. Progress will determine successful completion of credits for graduation, credit recovery, and continual enrollment.
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107 Vernon St.

Decorah, IA 52101

  1. (563)382-6356

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107 Vernon St.

Decorah, IA 52101

  1. (563)382-6356

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We are continually looking into expanding into new areas.  If your school has a need, but it is too far from one of our existing sites, please contact us to discuss how we might help.